Attendance Policy


Regular attendance in school is essential for quality education.  We encourage you to be present everyday.  Daily attendance will help you feel more closely associated with your classmates and will dramatically improve your educational progress.  The time missed from class results in loss of valuable educational experiences.  Make 100% attendance your goal for this year.  We want you in school everyday.


State law requires that youngsters between the ages of seven and sixteen attend school except for the specific reasons listed below.  In case, of a necessary absence from school, you must bring a written excuse from a doctor, parent or guardian stating the reason for the absence.

Absence will be excused for the following reasons:

  1. Personal illness.
  2. Death in the immediate family.
  3. Recognized religious holidays observed by your faith.
  4. Absences mandated by governmental agencies.
  5. Instances where attendance would be hazardous.

A student absent from class in excess of ten (10) days must furnish school officials a doctor’s certificate, or the parents must make arrangements for a conference with the principal or his/her designee within ten (10)days from the date the student returns to school.


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