Mission & Vision

Mission Statement 

Respect, responsibility, and relevance guide Lanier Elementary School and its community in nurturing independent lifelong learners and productive citizens.

Student Mission Statement 

I take action for my learning.

I take responsibility for my actions.

I respect myself and others.

I make good choices that help me have a better life.

Our Values and Beliefs

Values and beliefs are the core of who we are, what we do, and how we think and feel.  Values and beliefs reflect what is important to us; they describe what we think about work and how we think it should operate.

We believe…

  • All students have worth and are capable of learning.
  • Students have different learning styles and learn at different rates.
  • The cooperation of students, teachers, parents, and the community develops responsible, motivated decision makers.
  • Students demonstrate greater achievement when they help set goals and are challenged by high expectations.
  • Actively involved students learn successfully.
  • Respect for self and others are enhanced when modeled and expected by everyone in a safe, caring environment.
  • Optimum learning occurs when curriculum is relevant and when objectives stress higher levels of thinking.
  • It is the responsibility of the administrators to provide leadership and assistance for teachers in order to ensure classroom environments are conducive to learning.
  • Through teamwork, all staff will ensure a continuous quality school environment for students.
  • All staff must be involved in continuous professional growth and development.


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