Dress Code

Students should dress as comfortable as possible within reason and good taste.  Each child’s clothing should be plainly marked with the child’s name to avoid loss or exchange.  Any clothing or accessories considered distractive or disruptive in the school environment will not be permitted.  Parents will be asked to pick up children or to provide appropriate clothing if a problem arises.

1.  In cool or cold weather, a coat or sweater and head covering should be worn.

2.  Shoes are to be worn at all times.  Tennis shoes are recommended. Flip-flops can be hazardous.

3.  Bare midriffs, halter tops, tube tops, tank tops, fishnet jerseys, spandex are not appropriate school wear.

4.  Clothing may not display offensive language or pictures, or advertise alcoholic beverages or tobacco products.

5.  Baggy pants or shorts must be worn with a belt and hem of pants must not drag the ground.

6.  Hats/caps may not be worn at school (except on specific hat days).

7.  T-shirts may not display violent scenes.

8.  Undergarments may not show.

9.  Heavy chains or necklaces are not safe and may not be worn.  For safety they must break easily.

10. Visible tattoos may not be worn.

11. Visible body piercing (excluding ears) is not acceptable.

12. Unnatural, distracting hair color may not be worn.

13. Trench coats may not be worn.


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